LiftMaster Garage Door Service

LiftMaster Garage Door Service

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The provision of complete LiftMaster garage door service guarantees safe and reliable performance and helps to extend the useful life of the system. When the service is all-encompassing, it begins with the installation of the LiftMaster opener. All electric operators of this brand are designed to be professionally installed. A new opener can be added to an existing door as well as to a new one. Its power capacity has to correspond to the size and weight of the door.LiftMaster Garage Door Service

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The service includes door and opener maintenance as well. It is provided on a regular basis and involves inspection and testing. Dirty components are cleaned. The moving metal parts are lubricated. When a system component is damaged and causes malfunctioning, repair is provided. Worn-out parts can be replaced as part of regular maintenance for more serious issues to be prevented. Seriously damaged and broken parts and panels are replaced. The entire door and/or opener can be replaced.

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