Garage Door Materials

Garage Door Materials

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Whenever you’re in the market for a new garage door, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. This isn’t unusual especially considering all of the many choices available today. Some materials are preferred over others but this is relative to who is buying it. If you prefer a garage door that makes your home stand out, you may be interested in a wooden door. However, if this isn’t that much of a concern to you, you may likely opt for something that is more cost-efficient and practical. We will discuss some of the most popular materials; their advantages and disadvantages.

Garage Door Materials

The most commonly used residential garage doors are steel, wood, fiberglass and wood composite.


Garage Door MaterialsThis is the most popular type of garage door installed today. The steel door is economical, comes in many styles, sturdy and requires little maintenance. All of these qualities are good reasons to have this type installed. It is also one of the most versatile types of doors because it can be painted and is offered in various textures that look similar to wood. There are a few disadvantages to steel doors. They are not insulated. This does not help keep the inside temperatures regulated. The reason you save on cost is because the steel doors have thin panels, which means that they can receive dents when force is applied to them.


Wooden doors offer a more traditional look. They come in various styles and can be installed with different styles of windows. The least expensive wood option is painted wood that has hardboard panels. The stain-grade wood is generally more expensive, yet provides look of natural wood, which is what most homeowner want when they purchase a wood garage door. It offers great insulation. The disadvantage of a wooden door is that they must be well maintained and will occasionally need refinishing to continue looking nice.


The door panels are wrapped in aluminum frames, which are dent resistant and can be painted. This is a great option for homes located in coastal areas because it is resistant against corrosion caused by salt-water. Fiberglass is not as heavy as steel. Weather can affect its appearance.

Wood Composite

This is made from wood fibers, which have been recycled. They are as strong as steel but offer the appearance of wood. Like steel, they can also be painted. Unlike wooden garage doors, the composite wood material is resistant to rotting.

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